Pinterest Fix-Up

My Pinterest statistics had gone up a bit, but I knew they could be much better. I decided to do a little Pinterest research to see why my blindly-dive-into-Pinterest-and-figure-out-what-I’m-doing-later approach was not working out so well. This is what I learned:

1) The vast majority of Pinterest users are well-educated females who are looking to discover and learn new things. (This explains why I really enjoy Pinterest!)

2) Highly successful pins have been ones that contain:
*multiple,vivid clear images
*bright colors (red, orange, yellow)
*simple, bold text
*little (less than 10%) background
*a 2:3 or 4:5 width/length ratio (some say 600 x 800 pixels is the perfect size)
*205-225 characters because people skim info while reading

Other things to consider:
*”Brand” your pin with your website URL
*Encourage people to repin
*Use keywords in Pinterest board titles and pin descriptions

In other words, think about the pins that attract you on Pinterest.

Are they colorful?  Funny?  Aesthetically pleasing?  ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Whatever appeals to you on Pinterest will likely appeal to others, so include those details in the pins you create. You may need to download a few new fonts or practice using some new graphics, but the time you spend doing this will be evident in future repins, likes, comments and follows!

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  1. Betty says:

    These are great points. Another good thing about Pinterest is that it is great for those people that are visual learners. I find so many interesting things on Pinterest and meet interesting people as well.

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