Who are we?

We’ve answered the question, “What is LinkyHere?” many times. It’s everywhere…”a linky party directory”… on our website and all of our social media sites.  But who are we? Let’s answer that question today!

We are group of bloggers that work to share and support 

blogger link parties and events.


You know us as…..


LinkyHere.com was created a little over a year ago by Aimee (@byAimeeSki).  She quickly realized the need for a link party directory when she was looking for a place to share one of her projects.  You can read more about it here.  Using her skills as a graphic and website designer, she developed this website to fill that void and help other bloggers find a link party to share their creations.


Aimee’s well organized and sleek design of LinkyHere’s website is a featured WordPress design at studiopress.com.  We are proud to say the several of our daily pageviews are simply to see this site in action!

When she’s not designing and creating websites, Aimee can be found at SmallAnchors.com, a blog that she shares with her husband Craig.  Together, they write about life, family, their love for Jesus and share diy projects and recipes.  They also share two sweet children, Jack and Abigail.

Aimee runs the website and community at FancyLittleThings,com.  Built on a strong Christian platform, the site has become home to bloggers that share the common goal of providing inspiration and encourgement to each other.  And, yes, she designed that awesome site also!




Another busy gal is Kimberly (@ANightOwl), a blogger at A Night Owl.  An active blogger and social media guru, she works full time and is the mother of two active (and adorable!) young boys.



A Night Owl is probably one of the most active blogs around.  Not only can you find numerous craft, diy projects and recipes there but it’s also home to a very popular link party, Create & Inspire, every weekend.  Instagram users flock to Kimberly’s blog on Tuesdays to share their pictures and mingle with other bloggers in her weekly Instagram Blog Hop.




Finally, there is me!  I’m Shasta (Shasta2889), a blogger at InTheOldRoad.com.  I’m also a mother of two boys and a “stay at home mom”.  I love to network and collaborate with other bloggers.  I co-host a weekly link party, the All Star Block Party with three other bloggers and host a Google+ Blog Hop every month.


I am very active in supporting and working on this website.  I simply adore it!  If you see @linkyhere on twitter, it’s very likely me….chatting it up with another blogger or promoting their link party or giveaway.

Aimee, Kimberly and I have a common goal when it comes to this website and blog.  We want LinkyHere to encourage, inspire and connect bloggers.  Whether it’s providing a directory of link parties, promoting bloggers and their events on our social media sites or on LinkyHere’s blog, we hope to encourage communication and socializing between all types of bloggers.


Happy New Year!



Stay awhile & check out some other posts...


  1. Shannon Fox says:

    Happy New Year girls! You guys are one dynamite team!!!

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